Technical Assistance

Scaling up and raising capital is a significant step for any enterprise, and the importance of being prepared cannot be emphasized enough. That is why we offer Technical Assistance (TA) programs, to help Impact Enterprises (IEs) become investment ready.

As the needs of each IE is unique, we will customize a program to suit your needs and budget. This may include a thorough business assessment with identification of key areas to be addressed, and provision of relevant strategic guidance; support in preparing or refining your business plan, financial model and investor pitch; or assisting in understanding your capital needs and finding the best approaches to raise capital. The TA provided then serves as a roadmap as you build your enterprise with an aim to access investment capital.

Our TA program typically includes a combination of the following services:

  • Strategic review and advice
  • Enhancing the business plan
  • Refining your financial model and structuring capital needs
  • Preparing an investor pitch to best position the IE with Impact Partners members and IIX's extended impact investor network
  • Assistance in understanding the terms of investment and the types of capital suitable
  • Building growth-scenarios and explaining valuation implications

Please contact the Impact Partners team at to find out more.