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Organization Country of Operation Sector Investment Type Status
The company builds, owns, and operates low-cost solar micro-grids in Uttar Pradesh, India. India Energy Equity and Debt Closing deal
The company operates Low Cost Private Schools (LCPS) that provides high-quality education to students from lower income segments in Hyderabad, India India Education Convertible Note Partial commitment
First branded eye care company that provides affordable, accessible and inclusive products and services to low-income segments in Northeast India India Health Equity Partial commitment
The company provides high-quality and pre-fabricated biodigesters to rural Cambodian farming families. Biodigesters collect and treat manure, human, kitchen and green waste which are then converted to biogas. In addition, organic fertilisers are produced for cooking and farming use. Cambodia Energy Equity Closing deal
Footwear company that focused on rescuing and repurposing discarded tires into soles for high quality footwear, which would otherwise be burnt. Indonesia Environment Equity New
The company is one of Indonesia’s first vertically integrated “bean to bar” chocolate makers that manages the entire value chain from on-farm support to retail-ready artisanal cocoa products. Indonesia Agriculture Equity Closing deal
Company is a supply chain analytics company that provides real-time data that enables apparel and fashion companies to reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions by empowering the workers in their suppliers’ factories. Technology SAFE Notes Discussion with investors