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Impact Partners helps investors identify, evaluate, and invest in social and environmental investment opportunities. The Impact Partners private placement platform features impact investment opportunities in Impact Enterprises operating across sectors including clean technology, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, education, healthcare, and water and sanitation. Impact Partners is dedicated to showcasing high impact investment opportunities that create triple bottom line returns consisting of people, planet and profit.

There is no fee to become a member of Impact Partners, and investors pay no fee on investments made. Join now to enjoy these benefits:

  • Deal flow: Gain direct access to a pipeline of high-impact investment opportunities across multiple sectors and countries, with varying investment structures.
  • Co-investment: Connect with other like-minded investors to co-invest in socially and environmentally focused investment opportunities.
  • Cost Savings: Benefit from an efficient and cost-effective platform that helps you identify, evaluate and invest in pre-screened IEs.
  • Information: Obtain standardized impact assessment and financial reporting on your investments.
  • Events: Receive exclusive invitations to regional Impact Investment Trailblazer Showcase, training workshops, conferences and events.
  • Network: Join a professional community of impact investors and impact entrepreneurs to facilitate transaction management and execution.

Most importantly, make continuous and sustainable impact with your investment.

How it works:

impact partners

Once an Investor has registered on the platform and has been approved for membership, she/he will be able to review detailed information online on each of the IEs profiled on Impact Partners.

The Impact Partners platform allows members to search for investment opportunities by sector and geography, amongst other criteria, and to view information in a progressive manner—from summary information to full business plans and financial projections.

IIX is committed to ensuring investor confidentiality while offering opportunities to engage and collaborate with other like-minded investors. Impact Partners will never share investor information with IEs unless the investor requests an introduction. Investor profiles remain private unless the investor explicitly chooses to make some or all of his profile available to other investors.

Once an investor has identified a potential investment opportunity, she/he can indicate her/his interest through the Impact Partners website and request additional information from, or an introduction to, the IE. Impact Partners will convey the investor's interest to the IE and facilitate the introduction. All investment transactions will be negotiated and concluded directly between the investor and the IE. The structure as well as the terms and conditions of the investment will be agreed upon directly between the Investor and the IE.

Impact Partners provides a match-making facility between the investor and the IE. While we pre-screen all IEs and select the best for inclusion on the platform, we do not take responsibility for conducting formal due diligence on any investment, and investors should conduct their own due diligence before making their own investment decisions.

If the Investor or the IE requires financial, legal or professional advice, Impact Partners can refer them to its local and/or regional ecosystem partners which include accountants, bankers and lawyers who can offer services to assist in structuring and closing the investment.

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